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Success Story of Paralegal

Mama Naomi is the mother of seven children. Previously she was an ordinary housewife who takes care of daily needs in her home, as well as occasionally to worship together associations of mothers in the neighborhood village. Mama Naomi follows the Community-based Legal Assistance Program facilitated by the Democratic Alliance for Papua since March, 2014, with activities such as training, group discussions and strategic meetings with stakeholders.

AlDP Paralegal Program is a part of the agenda for legal education in the community. The focus is on areas that are experiencing limited access to justice. The places with the shortage of individuals and institutions that can provide knowledge and legal assistance. Paralegals became the first door to recording and assistance.

mama naomi
Mrs. Naomi Sawen (Mama Naomi), 54 years old, a housewife. Paralegal in Workwana, Arso District, Keerom, Papua Province.

In addition it also conducted meetings with stakeholders such as the police chief of sector and district, leaders in district including the village chief and other local leaders. Not all cases were found to be resolved through the legal process but also through approaches by various parties. First support for this program comes from Mensen met Een Missie and continued with the full support from the Embassy of Canada.

Mama Naomi said that since following the program, at least there are two legal cases in her territory which she involved in the process of resolution of the case.
The case include the dispute between the two tribes from two different villages, where she was involved in the process to achieve peace between the two parties.

Her involvement in the other process of settlement is in the case of rape. Moreover, Mama Naomi together with groups of women, is now actively supporting the implementation of the Regional Regulation (Perda) about Liquor (Miras) in Keerom.

This is a long-term advocacy that is being fought. In strategic meeting with the Chief of Police for example, Mama Naomi presented number of cases that found in the field, including the case of gambling, alcohol or exortion also the situation in oil palm plantations in hope that the police can perform a persuasive approach before stepping into the legal process.

Involvement to become a paralegal make Mama Naomi feel happy. She said that she was very happy to be able to take part in this activities which she felt could provide benefits for her big familiy members and other people in their environment.

Being a paralegal provide useful knowledge and experience to be shared with others. She is also increasingly aware of the conditions that occur in her family and in the village where she lived. On this awareness, Mama Naomi also encouraging other mothers to actively participating in various activities like this. According to her, activities like this can open the minds of people who previously did not have knowledge about law.

Mama Naomi states that one of the most important thing to have is she can be able to build communication with people from different areas, so that she can get information about events that are around her as well as form place that far from her reach.(Andawat)