Press Release :Government Looses Power and Violence Moves on’

Aliansi Demokrasi Untuk Papua(ALDP) express its deeper concern over a number of violent actions in Papua which have caused the life of the civilians to grow insecure in Papua.

No place to live peace, violence can happen anywhere, at public, crowds, and anytime. Thses sporadic violent actions show that there is likely no place in Papua to live in secure. Residents are every time busted with news of a number of shootings and violent actions by SMS, ambulance siren, police and military trucks, roars of airplanes and helicopters as well as tanks and ‘barracuda’ (police/military armored car carrying people).

Everyone looks for safer place, streets suddenly become quiet and congested, people run away, schools send students home and public transport come to a halt. Violent actions have dispersed terrors to everyone.

Such actions downgrade human dignity since anybody can easily hurt or kill each other and justify straight off the actions with any reasons. Anybody and any member of citizens can be victimized to show a particular authority and power holder. Consequently, people would become envy, suspicious and fury to one another.

Although many violent actions happened at time and place close to each other, It is not easy to reveal. This effort may even bring about speculation, accusation and blaming each other. This condition at times makes it difficult for people to use common sense and to build mutual trust.

Security personnel, to date, have not been able to reveal the perpetrators and background of a number of incidents happened. Various teams formed, maximum measures applied and sophisticated equipment are tried out, but the paradox prevail, a problem is more often “solved” by itself since the problem is replaced by a new problem.

This condition has limited, prevented, and threatened people’s right to get into normal activities in peace and without fear, even to build strong civil community. It is not easy for everyone to focus or work on an activity maximally. It also influence the system, mechanism and pattern of relation and attitude toward one another and between organization.

As part of civil society, we hope that:

  1. Security elements particularly police will be able to reveal various violent actions and bring them into court of law and prevent such actions from happening in the future both as a separate incident or recurred from previous incidents.
  2. Civil governments at province and kabupaten (district) levels, MRP (Papuan People’s Assembly), DPRP (Indonesian Legislative    Assembly) and DPRD (Papua House of People’s Representatives) should take an initiative to easblish communication with security forces to ensure security to any member of society in Papua.
  3. As a member of civil society, we support any process carried out to settle problems without violence by holding on to the right for everyone to live in peace and free from fear.

Jayapura 5 June 2012


Aliansi Demokrasi untuk Papua

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