Final Report ALDP 2012

In 2012 we have seen many kinds of violence happened in all places: in cities, tourist places, on the streets, on campuses and in the forests. This leaves loss of life to Papuans, Non Papuans and foreigners – civilians (not to mention activisits and journalist) and security apparatuses. The administration of government has not performed as what people need particularly in maintaining public services, public security, and in creating safety regardless of all the authority and any kinds of potential financial supports it has.

The central government and local governments (province and kabupaten) have not been in agreement of defining administration of government in Papua. Intensive meetings and personal relation claims among parties have not been pursued effectively in order to build framework of cooperation between governments. The governments continue to work away from any pattern and no parties have been able to ensure functions of control and mechanism of accountability of the governments’ performance even reorienting the bureaucrats’ behaviors. Read more