Press Release International Human Rights Day 2013

Press Release

International Human Rights Day 2013

‘Freedom of Expression, Civil Protection and Quality of Governance’

Enforcement, protection and fulfillment of human rights in Papua during the year 2013 is still a serious problem ranging from the right to life, freedom of expression to guarantee the security and freedom from fear.

The patterns of the handling of freedom of expression civil community has led to repressive and anti-democratic practices, back to the life of the state without reform. Handling of the activists still seem intimidating and full of political, reflecting the practice of criminalization of freedom of expression.

The persecution and murder against civil community carried out among civil community is a violation of human rights. Dissociate our goals to build Papua as a land of peace for all people.

Although law enforcement resources, adequate infrastructure and supporting facilities, especially in urban centers but have not fully guarantee the right to life of a person or the handling of legal professionals. So there is no guarantee to live safely, including to obtain justice.

Fulfillment of economic, social and cultural yet fully understand the real needs and the local context. On the other there are those who abuse the authority and financial, thus indicate that corruption increased during the year 2013. As a result, although the available rules, facilities and infrastructure as well as an ongoing effort to improve the performance of the state apparatus, but have not been able to improve service quality, provide protection  for the basic rights of Papuans,build autonomy and culture of competition

As part of the civilsociety , we urge :

  1. Government every level(central and local), including  DPRP and MRP give more serious attention to the responsibility of the state to enfore the law, provide justice for victims and organized a clean government and authoritative
  2. Government using dialogue approach to managing non violence forms of freedom of expression, as well asguarantees the right to life and freedom from fear for everyone.
  3. Government, especially law enforcement officers handling the case with persuasive without repressive, free from political interests, non discriminationand able to thoroughly investigate the various of violence which causes the victims.
  4. Every civil society respect to each other and appreciate the existence of every person who lives in Papua. Also maintain the values ​​of solidarity and humanity in Papua.


Jayapura, December,10, 2013




Aliansi Demokrasi untuk Papua


Latifah Anum Siregar




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